May 31, 2020

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2014 Chevy Captiva

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LCG features our new website in a recent Facebook post!

LCG Internet Marketing is working with us to build a simple, friendly, and helpful website. They recently featured our site in a Facebook ad. Don’t see it on the lot? We can find the car YOU are looking for. Between our national network of resources and our highly skilled staff, we’ll fill your specific auto […]

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Beautiful Bones Auto Sales

Checkout our new domain. You may wonder why we have it. For some time I’ve had a Facebook page with the name beautifulbonesautosales. We’ve decided to keep the original name on the Facebook page and bought the domain name. Now, the address will take you to our new website automotive sections (HERE!). Our […]

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NADA Suggested Used Car Prices

New & Used Car Pricesat

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Forms Laws and other necessary and bothersome stuff

Bill of Sale Specifics in Illinois There is no official Illinois bill of sale form. You can use a free bill of sale generated here. Or, you may create your own which would be way better. Could make paper form and do it on paper or use a computer system.  enter data from it to QB, to […]

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Vin Number Lookup

We have no relationship with the below listed websites but we found they offer information about cars based on the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), which is indicated in several places on every vehicle, that our clients may find helpful. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Kelly Blue Book Vehicle History Report: NADA:

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Hello world!

Welcome to our new website. If your looking for your first Haas Auto, please stop by or give us a call.

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